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  • Jonny Quest on DVD

    The DVD collection of Jonny Quest Season 1 got released this week. These were the 26 episodes that was done in the 1960's put on four DVD discs.

    If you ever watched both the starting and ending credits of the show there are outtakes from the various episodes of the series. One outtake that has been a minor mystery to me is the start of the ending credits where a couple of people in a hovercar encounter a group of an African warriors and said warriors start to throw spears at the hovercar, hovercar then reverses directions and heads to the safety of a plane where it then takes off as the spears bounce off from it.

    I could never figure out it which epsiode that outtake was from. I figured I was either to young to remember or never got to see it when it got replayed in later years.

    I suspect that maybe this DVD collection would answer that question and it did.

    According to two things in the special features section on disc 4, the scene was from unaired pilot of Jack Armstrong. Originally a radio show, when it was being developed to a cartoon series they sort of redid the characters to become the Quest team.

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    Re: Jonny Quest on DVD

    Oh, lady, you're stirring up the memories here...
    Dr. Benton Quest, Race Bannon, Haji, and Bandit....
    Sheesh, and I keep all this info on my limited "hard drive" in my head..

    I think if I deleted all this info, I would have been a brain surgeon or something; Or better yet a stevedore for Matson...
    (Of course, I permanently archived all the Gilligan's Island in the deepest part of my psyche.)