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  • Ghosts on CBS

    Been watching the CBS comedy series Ghosts that airs on Thursday night at 8:00 pm (HST). It is about this married couple Jay and Samantha (Sam) who inherits a large but run down mansion. They have a plan to convert to a Bed & Breakfast. What stands in their way are a bunch of ghosts who reside in the mansion and didn't like it when the mansion was a hotel in the early 20th century.

    In the first episode one of the ghosts causes an object to fall on the ground, Sam trips on it and falls down some stairs. Between this near death experience and being in a coma for a few weeks she is able to see and hear the ghosts where ever she encounters them.

    Each episode seems to focus on one or two characters in the series.

    I'm aware that this series is based on BBC series of the same name but I haven't gone out of my way to check up on that series.