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Star Trek - The Original Series - Remastered

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    Re: Star Trek - The Original Series - Remastered

    Some time ago I purchased all three seasons of the remastered version of Star Trek Original Series via iTunes. I also have the original versions on DVD that I purchased a long time ago.

    Also noticed that for iTunes the remastered versions is cheaper than the original versions, however I don't know if that is because I purchased the SD version and not the HD version of the remastered versions and I just quoted on the HD version of the original version.

    For the last 2 months I have been watching season 1 and season 2 on my computer, I think sometime next week I will start watching the 3rd season.

    Since I am watching it on my computer my face is closer to the screen. There was a scene in Part I of The Menagerie where Commodore Mendez unseals a file to Captain Kirk about the only ship that visited the planet Talos IV was the USS Enterprise. Mendez says something to effect that at the time it was Pike and a half Vulcan science officer during that visit.

    Managed to freeze frame on that report Kirk was reading and there was a line that said Half Vulcan Science Office Spock. I had to shake my head on that scene.


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      Best Star Trek Characters, Ranked (

      Spock, Spock,Spock.