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"Crossing Jordan" on NBC

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  • "Crossing Jordan" on NBC

    Crossing Jordan started it's new season tonight, which is pretty late in the TV season.

    Pretty much forgot what happen at the end of the last season but lucky tonight's episode gave some flashbacks to that episode.

    Sort noticed that the person who created this series also created Heroes.

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    Re: "Crossing Jordan" on NBC

    ~banging head on wall~ I cannot believe I MISSED it! I love to watch Crossing Jordan.
    Since when is psycho a bad thing??
    Sharing withother survivors...


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      Re: "Crossing Jordan" on NBC

      Ron Silver plays a cut throat defense lawyer in tonight's episode who between eats ill prepared puffer fish and was the target of a shooter ends up in the morgue. While he appears to be dead, he is still alive. He can't move or talk but he is still thinking.

      Due to other things that are happening, there are delays for him being examined. During the delays he promises to turn over a new leaf, be a nicer fellow and all that.

      However the medical examiner office finds out what was happening to him he gets taken to hospital where he finally recovers.

      Dr. Macy talks to him while leaving the hospital, the lawyer then says he is going to sue the medical examier's office, the police, the resturatant, the EMT and anybody else who was involved. He then crosses the street where is hit by a paramedic van.