% Thanks, for the memories... %

  1. Kaonohi
    % since I don't know how to do musical notes.

    Some of he pictures you folks have posted have brougnt back some memories I once thought best forgotten. But no, I need to face these memories, deal with the impact they have on my life, and move on.

    No more hiding under the mattress, the rockets no longer rain down.

    What we must fear now is our OWN government (wait one, isn't that what the hippies said in 1967?) With people like Dan Inouye crippiling our militia by outlawing semi-automatic weapons.

    Imagine holding off the North Korean Army with .22 cal single shot rifles!

    Inouye wrote me personally and stated he wants to support a ban on semi-automatic guns.
    He WILL sign Eric Holder's Bill to reinstate the failed, inefficient and unnecessary so-called "assault weapons" ban.

    Next stop: Switzerland.

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