Huna vs. Kapu vs. Kahuna

  1. Kaonohi
    There's been a bit of misunderstanding ever since Max Long published his series of books way back when.
    Other early contributors:
    Leinani Melville (who showed me the way to Hawaii),
    Enid Hoffman (with whom I worked back in Connecticut)

    I got interested in Huna a long time ago, and studied about it. The more serious I got about doing real research into Hawaiian pre-Christian religion the more I found out that Huna is the Hawaiian equivalent of Wicca, it's a Westernized re-creation based on a little bit of Hawai`i and a lot of generalized common principles.
  2. Kaonohi
    Hawaiians needed no name for their religion, it was the only religion they had. If anything, the Hawaiians had a 'system' called "kapu," which basically separated the sacred from the profane.

    A kahuna was an "expert,"or at least a competent practitioner of anything - it was not a term for "priest of religion." Some, like a kahuna pule or a kahuna ana`ana, were at least involved in something like we would call magic or religion.

    In short, Huna is a system of manipulation of energy partly based on Hawaiian motifs, but largely drawn from things like: positive thinking, like attracts like, energy flows where attention goes, etc.

    This does not make it invalid, it just would be a mistake to confuse it with "Hawaiian Religion" per se. It's an interesting study, a valid practice, as long as you don't mistake it for something it isn't, which some people do.

    Looks like this community has been inactive since birth, it would be interesting to discuss.
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