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    Poll: Re: Should Civil Unions Be Legalized?

    I tried real hard to find these contradictions you found in my posts. I thought they were pretty much point blank, but I guess you read too much into it. Get back to me and let me know specifically...
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    Poll: Re: Should Civil Unions Be Legalized?

    Yes, I have a towel by the bed that stands up by itself, and no, I'm actually allergic to shellfish. It makes my mouth itch for some reason. :D

    But yes, the bible, It's what we've chosen to base...
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    Poll: Re: Should Civil Unions Be Legalized?

    A lot of the churches rallied together to try and shut this bill down, even the big ones like New Hope and Grace Bible. I was in a New Hope small group and was asked to participate in this rally. I...
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    Re: Funniest TV sitcoms

    In no particular order....

    1. Two and a Half Men
    2. News Radio
    3. Three's Company
    4. Friends
    5. Bosom Buddies
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    Re: 2008 Golden Raspberry Awards

    I liked The Happening too. The scene where the group of people were shooting themselves while the other group was on the other side of the hill and had no idea what to do or how to help
  6. Poll: Re: Do you sit or stand when you wipe your butt?

    I always wondered how extreme bodybuilders wiped. It always looks like they have to permanantly walk like they were gunslingers. How do they reach around and down ?
  7. Re: Link directly to high quality version of YouTube videos

    This is just great !

    Of course, now I have to erase all the videos on my iPod and spend another 4 hours adding these better versions.

  8. Poll: Re: Do you sit or stand when you wipe your butt?

    I hate to drop the bomb here, but what a crappy thread. This topic should be dumped. Let's lighten the load of bad threads here.

    By the way, I sit down and use my mom's Chihuahua.

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    Craigslist Scam?

    For the first time, I put something for sell on Craigslist. What I got back was a LOT of responses telling me that they wanted to buy my item, to take it off the list, and that they would send me a...
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    Re: But, but, it's NOT AUGUST YET! TG, NOOO!

    You can visit Kualoa Ranch by Chinaman's Hat. You can take a horseback trip or an ATV trip back into the hills where some movies were made. (someone mentioned Jurrasic Park earlier)

    You should...
  11. Thread: Gnats?

    by DiverDown808

    Re: Gnats?

    Due to all the dumpsters here on the shipyard, which has a cafeteria, I can honestly say I inadvertantly eat or inhale about 20 of them a day.

    In our warehouse, our best cure is our trusty...
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    Re: Happy Slip

    Christine is hilarious !!

    I'm suprised you like her, Lowrey...since she pokes fun of the filipino culture by playing over the top, stereotypical characters as her family. I guess it helps when...
  13. Re: Sunset On The Beach Waikiki, This Saturday (12/20/08)

    I dont think a "wet t-shirt' night would be a bad thing :p
  14. Sunset On The Beach Waikiki, This Saturday (12/20/08)

    My band Sunset is playing this Saturday for possibly the last Sunset On The Beach in Waikiki. Our band plays a blend of local style jams, mixed with a bit of rock guitars, and some or our favorite...
  15. Re: Looking for UH Mobile Phone Wallpaper

    If you have UH logos on your computer, you can go to and upload it there and then it will send it to your phone. It also works for ringtones. All you do is upload an mp3, then...
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    Re: KauKau Wagon Thanksgiving of Hope 2008!

    What a great day today !!

    It was also great to meet Diamond3121 and Seeking Penance. Besides the unfortunate events dealing with the sound guy, a lot of people were fed today. It was touching...
  17. Poll: Re: Does being a tobacco smoker lessen the dating pool?

    If Jessica Alba tied me to her bed posts and then lit up a cig, I'd still let her do anything she wanted to do to me. I'd even let her use my bellybutton as an ashtray. :D

    But yes, todays world...
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    Re: Christmas Party 2008

    Either way you go, be sure and check for aphids. Those suckers itch.

    But I highly recommend everyone coming to this. The restaurant has great atmosphere, being right next to a boat harbor. ...
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    Re: Christmas Party 2008

    Aaaahhhhhh Time to break out my mistletoe thong since it was such a hit last year. Everyone was fighting to sit by me.....or were they scrambling to get away from me....I forget. But hey, the DD...
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    Re: Monsters vs. Aliens

    HERE is the trailer for it on youtube. Looks really fun, and it's going to be in 3D.

    One of the appealing things to me, is that the voice of the president is going to be Stephen Colbert from the...
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    Re: Little Black House Ants in DROVES!

    Try making a paste with sugar, water, and boric acid. Put the paste by the lines where they march. Be sure no pets or kids are around to eat the paste. They'll take the paste back to the nests and...
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    Plantation Village Haunted House

    I highly recommend this to everyone that likes to have fun in the spirit of Halloween :)

    It costs $7 per person, and they don't recommend anyone under 10 years old or anyone that's pregnant.
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    Re: Post a picture of yourself!

    This is my band SUNSET. I'm in the middle with the white shirt. We have some gigs coming up for a few Sunset on the Beach events in...
  24. Re: Where do you get fire extinguishers recharged?

    We use a lot of fire extinguishers at the shipyard. First thing you should do is see if your extinguisher can actually be recharged. Most of the smaller ones are a one-time use extinguisher.

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    Re: Musical Instruments?

    Here's some of my babies:

    My custom Kramer when I played at New Hope Windward:
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