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    Re: The reality of returning trips...

    Im no expert but i have been to maui once and oahu several times, in fact, i will be back in oahu april 16th. Maui was nice but it is lacking the night life that i enjoy which allows me to make use...
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    Re: South Park "Going Native" in Hawaii

    Love it! I'm a big South Park fan. The guy blowing the conch shell is classic. Everytime i go to a luau, that is the exact sound that i hear when they pull someone out of the crowd to try it. I...
  3. Re: Remind me to not go hiking with these guys..

    The one that i found was a short distance down the old pali rd from the lookout. I believe it was just past the first old bridge. The box was an ammo box. I think that i may be back out in january...
  4. Re: Remind me to not go hiking with these guys..

    i found a geacache on the old pali rd back in august, could it be yours ?
  5. Re: Hawaiian Airlines- A Great Experience!

    yes i have had a lot of action on my last trip and have seen most of oahu. i would love to see kauai. how many days do you feel is needed to see kauai for an average person. i spent three...
  6. Re: Hawaiian Airlines- A Great Experience!

    aloha eveyone,
    my name is mike and i visit oahu about once a year. one of my friends has a house on lanikai beach and that is where i normally stay when i visit. i was just in oahu in august and...
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