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  1. Re: "Lost" - The Final Season (6): Episode & Storyline Discussion

    I'm guessing, of course. But we know that Jacob "touched" Jack and guided him to the island. And we know that Jacob wanted Hurley to bring Jack to the lighthouse. Plus, Jack wasn't able to kill...
  2. Re: "Lost" - The Final Season (6): Episode & Storyline Discussion

    Not really this week's episode, but it was this week's repeat. I was watching the rerun of "I Do", the finale of Season 3's mini-season. And while Danny the Other is trudging through the jungle of...
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    Re: Michael Jackson - RIP

    Oh wow. When Jermaine sang "Smile", it reminded me of another great entertainer we lost, Freddie Morris. Freddie would perform that song in his shows. :( Ugh... where's the Kleenex?
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    Re: How To Download Youtube Video?

    In Safari (on a Mac anyway), it is possible too. Find the .flv in the Activity window, it will be the file that is taking a while to download, depending on the size of the file. Then copy/paste the...
  5. Re: "Lost" - Season 5: Episode & Storyline Discussion

    Well, they can't be Widmore's people. They don't want Miles working for Widmore.

    Might they be Ben's people? The guy from the van is now one of the Bounty Huntress's men with guns on the island....
  6. Re: "Lost" - Season 5: Episode & Storyline Discussion

    Well, Claire did show up at Aaron's crib in Kate's head. Warning Kate not to bring Aaron back, which is probably why Kate left him in L.A.

    Also, in "Namaste", while Christian is dropping the bomb...
  7. Re: "Lost" - Season 5: Episode & Storyline Discussion

    I used to think the writers were just making this up as they went along. But then the Ajira jet landed on a runway. The same runway that the Others had Sawyer and Kate help build in season 3!!
  8. Re: "Lost" - Season 5: Episode & Storyline Discussion

    This episode was really good. Not "best ever" like The Constant, but that's hard to top. It's like the round where the fighter is landing jab after jab, setting up some awesome uppercuts and vicious...
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    Re: Happy New Years 2009

    This year begins for me like the previous one did, with me in freezing temperatures and a thousand miles away from my wife and dogs. :(

    (On a positive note, at least it stopped snowing in time for...
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    Don't do it, Victoria Prince! Don't do it!


    Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince are dating?

    Ugh, what is it about this guy that women see? (Although I guess he is $25 million richer these days.)
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    Re: Free PDF recommendation?

    Amati, if you use a Mac the solution is simple. When you choose to print a document, the print dialog box shows up. Instead of clicking "Print", click the button marked "PDF" at the bottom left of...
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    Re: B52's New Year's Eve Show on Big Island

    Probably because some of those people with chain wallets are desperately trying to look tough, and may be tempted to use those things as weapons, the event organizers said, "We don't want these phony...
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    Re: Name that Logo

    #2 O-Lounge
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    Re: Zippy's Chili has Mayo?

    I'd always heard that Zippy's chili had mayo in it, too.

    Tonight we had frozen Zippy's chili (from the Marukai store in Gardena... thank goodness for those guys), and here is the list of...
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    Re: What are you listening to right now?

    Delfina, a singer-songwriter living in Los Angeles. Espeically her song "Ritmo Porteno". Don't speak Spanish, so I don't know what it's about. Can someone help me?
  16. Re: Using fuels other than crude oil

    And how about running a car on air?

    Just a couple of years, my friends!
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    Re: Googling Yourself

    I actually found a smart Paul Ogata! Took a while.

    He gave a speech at the Air Transport Research Society World Conference in 2005.

    The listing reads:
    Paul Ogata and João Batista Camargo...
  18. Re: "Lost" - Season 4: Episode & Storyline Discussion

    Finally watched the finale! My Plan A was to catch it at Sue's (thanks, Sue), but I was feeling a bit under the weather and it's never polite to head over to someone's house and give them your germs....
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    Re: Jose Canseco's Fight Challenge

    Calling Don Muraco!

    Or how about Jesse Sapolu?

    Randy Couture, since he's sort of not fighting anymore, would be an awesome choice to step into a ring with Jose and shut him up.
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    Re: What's for Dinner - Chapter 4

    Moroccan stew, over cous cous.

    I've been making more and more Moroccan stuff lately. Don't know why. Maybe the episodes of "Lost" featuring Tunisia made me hungry for North African grub. And since...
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    Re: Your favorite songs which use the f-word

    That's the very funny Dr. Ken Jeong. You may have seen him perform in Hawaii with the Kims of Comedy, and most recently he was in the movie Knocked Up.

    Back on topic...

    The first song I heard...
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    Re: American Idol Season 7 (2008)

    Who do I want to win? David Cook. Who do I think will win? The other guy. There are just too many prepubescent girls with phones and free time.

    I want Cook to win because I like his sound better,...
  23. Re: "Lost" - Season 4: Episode & Storyline Discussion

    Thanks Sue! I'll get in touch next week... :)

    Aaaiiigh! Stone tools! No cable? Seriously? I know a guy who doesn't have cable, but he also makes his own butter and has marital relations...
  24. Re: "Lost" - Season 4: Episode & Storyline Discussion

    I had a good laugh at the kid in the yellow t-shirt at Hurley's party who was looking right into the camera!

    This episode had many great moments. But the worst part? That after another kick-ass...
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    Re: Times market steak plate

    If you're grilling your own, you might try Nori's Special Spice. They use it on the pulehu beef at Nori's in Hilo. Brok... da... mout.

    Perhaps you can mail order some of it:
    Nori's Saimin &...
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