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Thread: Starbucks, Jamba, or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf?

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    Default Re: Starbucks, Jamba, or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf?

    After McDonalds came out with their large Iced Coffee Roast for $2.61, I vowed never to step foot in a Starbucks or a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ever again.

    I have no need for that fancy schmancy stuff anymore!
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    Default Re: Starbucks, Jamba, or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf?

    Quote Originally Posted by ericncyn View Post
    bleh--we avoid starbucks and the related jamba for their corporate philosophies.
    Same here, but we draw the line at Jamba. The wife and Mel just love their product and have to admit their green tea blast or whatchamcallit is pretty darned good.

    For coffee, homebrewed Costco decaf or McDonalds. For a treat, we go to Seattle's Finest, right across from where SB recently opened their new store. No class.

    LL, we also found McD's iced coffee to be the bomb. Nothing fancy. Just plain'ol, good iced coffee.

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    Default Re: Starbucks, Jamba, or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf?

    Since I've quit coffee "cold turkey" a couple of weeks ago I'll have to go with Jamba Juice -- Orange Dream Machine. The closest one is about 60 miles away so I REALLY gotta be in the mood to make that drive (and have).
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    Default Re: Starbucks, Jamba, or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf?

    Never was a coffee drinker, but NOE votes for McDonald's brew over Starbucks. For me, it's PEANUT BUTTER MOO'D at Jamba Juice. To think some time last year they were considering taking it off of the menu, I did "a little" lobbying to bring it back!
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    Quote Originally Posted by arturo_h View Post
    Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, starting in Brentwood, California in 1963, opened its first Hawai'i store in Manoa in November, 2005 franchised by Foodland. They have 5 stores total now on O'ahu (Ala Moana, Manoa, Koko Marina, Salt Lake, and Kailua) with 2 opening in the Ewa Town and Pearl City Shopping Centers. There is one on the Big Island in Kona and one on Kaua'i in the Waipouli Shopping Center. They are known for their Ice Blended and Tea Latte drinks.

    i was also driving up montsarrat over by diamondhead a couple of weeks ago and there's one there now too! i love their red velvet cupcakes. and "sugar" drinks (what i call anything that's not straight up coffee). btw, they do seem to be affiliated w/foodland, but the one in manoa is next to safeway (i guess b/c there's no foodland there).

    jamba, i like the red tea razz thing, or i pick one and tweak it to whatever i feel like (usually sub juice for soy and sherbert for yogurt).

    starbucks, vanilla chai latte or peppermint hot chocolate (or mocha) at xmas or caramel apple cider in the fall. mmm....

    peet's--i think great harvest stopped carrying them. at least the great harvest downtown has. i was just there last week. however you can pick up the beans/ground beans at safeway.

    we haven't tried the costco beans, but a friend turned DH onto the fair trade beans at walmart which he says apparently are awesome, esp. for the price. i guess the fact that they're fair trade makes up a little for the fact that i'm patronizing sam's club/walmart.

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