Managed to watch a remastered episode of Star Trek on KGMB. It airs on Sunday morning at 12:30 am (HST). There is a rough schedule and TV stations it airs around the country.

Some of the changes with remastered versions deal with external F/X shots. The general shape of the Enterprise remains the same, but they are using a digital image based on the original model for those shots when the Enterprise is orbiting a planet (as well the planet itself has been changed).

The episode I saw was The Devil in the Dark. Since most of the action takes place under a planet's surface, the changes were:
  • brighter colors on the miner's clothes
  • The initial image of the Janus VI underground buildings
  • Horta burning a hole in the wall
  • Fly by of the Enterprise during the ending credits

Also some scenes were cut but I suspect it was due to it being on the syndicated market.

Too bad I missed Balance of Terror which aired two weeks ago but it's going to air again. I think the two episodes I am looking forward to since some of the action takes place in space are Arena which I am hoping that they will show a Gorn starship and The Doomsday Machine. I really don't know if the shape of the planet killer will change or not.

Another episode I am looking forward to see but not on the schedule now is The Ultimate Computer since it contains 5 starships (including the Enterprise) as well as a freighter.