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Thread: Hawaiian music history - Ha Ilono Mele

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    Default Hawaiian music history - Ha Ilono Mele

    Growing up on Kauai as a young boy we always went to G-Ma Rebecca's every Sunday not only for the food, man do I miss her potato salad! But for the music. She would sit us kids in a circle and teach us and sing to us old Mele's while playing the Uke.
    When pau and the adults would be talking into the night I used to go through her stack of old subscriptions called the "Ha Ilono Mele." This was a big thing in the late 70's because we didn't have internet making reading material a valuable commodity.
    I had no clue who most of the musicians and groups were in these editions but I read them contently.
    I remember reading on about this new band called "The Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau" and my Uncle Butch told me these guys were going to be big one day, sure enough they were and are.
    Until recently, I thought I would never see copies of these around again or very often. I was searching for something I forget now on the net and ran across a mention of these publications, long story short my research turned up a site that has every edition from 1975-79 available to download free as a .pdf file, as I now have every one of them.
    If this type of Hawaiian history interest you take a look at this website you may find in one of these editions something that may inspire you or bring back old memories!
    In case you didn't catch the inserted link here it is
    Happy hunting!


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