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Thread: Be Careful When Riding "The Bus"

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    Quote Originally Posted by buzz1941 View Post
    Some thoughts:

    * Don't be afraid to yell for help. If a scuffle occurs near you, even on a bus, it's hard to suss out what's going on. But if one person is yelling for help, you quickly know what the problem is.

    * You often must force public officials into acting. They won't do it on their own. Write letters to the editor, call radio stations when stuff like this occurs. Embarrass them.

    * Sounds like the drivers dispose of the problem instead of dealing with it. They could also KEEP the perps on the bus and call ahead so that there is a police car waiting at the next stop.

    * Use the cameras in your cell phones!

    All very good suggestions.

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    I rode the bus for atleast 10 - 15 years. With other kids and as well as myself alone. I always make sure Im either sitting upfront or atleast close enough to scream for help. You always need to make sure to be safe and keep your eyes open. If you have a cell phone keep in within reach and have 911 on speed dial or for easy accessiblity. Sounds paranoid but I have a kid and a husband to come home to and I know my son needs me.

    As for your nephew, his parents should get involved I would be pissed. They wouldnt want to talk to me because I have a bad mouth but I dont care you dont let someone else touch my son and get away with it. Training should be put into effect for drivers and make them aware of better safety concerns not only for children but for everyone that rides the bus.

    Im sorry to hear that, that had to happen to your nephew. I hope hes ok.

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