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    Albert and I saw Planet 51 early this afternoon at the Ward Theater.

    The movie is about people living on a planet that experiences an alien spaceship landing in the middle of someone's backyard.

    Of course the alien spaceship is a NASA planetary lander and the people have banana thick like hair, have three different ways to use the bathroom, their society fears the menace of an alien invasion where the aliens will either eat their brains or turns them into zombies and when it rains on this planet, it rains rocks which an earlier launched NASA probe likes to collect.

    Kind of a silly movie but one with references to a good number of other movies (and not all in the sci-fi genre). If you do see it, there are a couple of scenes during the ending credits.

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    A very silly, very entertaining movie. And like Helen said, lots of references to other movies. I'd like to know what the total count is, but it would take quite a few viewings to get them all, I think.

    And for the first time since I've been going to Ward, I want to see every film that was previewed.

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