My twin boys LOVE the hamburger steak/patties at KJ's Ono Grindz at WWCity SC in Kaneohe.

We learned the hard way that 3-item plates are WAAYYYY too big, even when we're absolutely famished ... so, we go with the two-item plate. Hamburger steak is always part of what they order ... as their other fave is KJ's loco moco, which of course, comes with the same type of grilled patty.

The char-grilled flavor is really good. I suspect the patties are full of filler, though, given the super-cheap prices/large portions.

At KJ's the brown gravy is not the same as the dark, rich, industrial-grade-type at Ken's in Hilo or at Columbia Inn (which I prefer, probably BECAUSE it's worse for me) -- but hey, life's full of little trade-offs.