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Thread: Leaving A Tip When Eating Out...

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    I was watching the amusing "DRAG ME TO HELL" and there was a scene in the movie that parallels to this thread.....

    Waitress: So you're just going to sit here all night, drinking coffee?
    Christine Brown: Yes... No! Maybe! Whats it to you?
    Waitress: Honey, I'm working a job where tips is my living, and coffee drinkers DON'T TIP!
    Christine Brown: [Holds up envelope containing the cursed button] You keep the coffee coming honey, or I'll give you a tip you won't forget!

    As original threader to this lively discussion I still stand by when dining out...
    Good Service Given = Tip% Based on Bill Amount Left Behind In Return When Leaving....

    Still... I experience the now and then not followed up on drinks or trying to get the waiters attention to get another drink or could I get more of this but gets dissed or he/she takes off too quickly to get a word in edgewise. I really HATE THAT and I don't like begging for something I wanted 5 minutes ago!
    Sorry bet I penalize for service like that. Just the other nite as me and my roomates were leaving I purposely sifted $1 out of the tip. Yes, I am cruel but when the waiter did not acknowledge/attend to my needs I have ways to return the favor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matapule View Post
    So maybe a 10% tip is fair?
    Oops, I wasn't trying to imply that all waiters earn a lot of money. My Mom's friends worked in resort area restaurants, and worked their butts off.

    Oh, I just remembered, I used to work in a bank, and the bar hostesses would come in every Monday to deposit their tips. Usually $9,000 cash at a time, to avoid having to report to the IRS. The rest would go into their safety deposit box. :-)

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    Don't forget to tip your take out waiters?

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