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Thread: Mac vs PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beachboy View Post
    check out this blog/site, it will answer a lot of questions concerning the Mac vs PC debate.
    The RISC vs CISC debate doesn't apply anymore considering Apple switched over to Intel chips.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beachboy View Post
    Yo, Joshuatree whatcha been smoking? Check out this pricing of Apple vs Dell:
    While Dell and most PC makers try to make their fattest profit on the higher end machines, if you shop around, HP has a system similar to the Mac Pro for about the same price after rebates. Also, you haven't factored in systems comprising of AMD chips nor have you factored in lesser PC brands or home built systems. Apple has definitely done better with pricing but as I've pointed out, it is still more expensive on the whole, particularly with the lower end offerings.

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    I just saw this....

    Seth wrote:

    At NYU I would say its very similar. My program which is very computing intensive went from about 30% macs 3 years ago to about 90% today. We also have seen our Computer lab go from 75% PCs to just having a few for specialized tasks. A complete reversal.

    I don't think the trend has been as dramatic across campus but I think our program is the bellwether of things to come.

    Posted on Fri, 05/11/2007 - 10:11am| reply
    Scott wrote:

    To comment on the general situation at Georgetown besides the Law Center, I'd say the Mac penetration among first year students this year had to be about 50% or higher. And looking around at the library I'd say overall about 30% of students are using Macs.

    Posted on Fri, 05/11/2007 - 11:53am| reply
    Robert L. Mitchell wrote:

    To clarify, Georgetown has two campuses besides the Law Center: the College of Arts and Sciences (main campus), and the Medical Center. The total campus population is about 14,000 students. I would assume that Scot is talking about the main campus.

    Posted on Fri, 05/11/2007 - 2:54pm| reply
    Jonathan wrote:

    Here at Harvard, it seems to be a rather similar situation. A quick glance around the library suggests that about half of students are using Macs, and in classes, the rate is often higher (as an aside, it seems like Mac users are more likely to actually take their laptops out of their rooms, for some reason). I recall that at one recent meeting for an organization, eight out of the nine laptops in use were Macs.

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    I think the day Mac's overtake the business world is when they start offering incentives such as Dell's and HP's business solutions. When working at the Gas Company, we used to buy Dell's and HP's by the pallets. Each company would offer tech support and peripheral add-ons with bulk purchases of PC's and servers.

    Does Apple offer similar incentives? And are there any business-class software support for Mac's for large data base programs such as SAP, Orcom Mirror Pond, People Soft or even MS' Great Plains? These are major database systems used by a lot of Fortune 500 companies.

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    I notice the Mac guy in the commercials has cleaned up a little.
    Burl Burlingame
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    Quote Originally Posted by buzz1941 View Post
    I notice the Mac guy in the commercials has cleaned up a little.
    I have trouble taking him seriously as a spokesperson, after several years portraying the geeky and annoying Warren Cheswick on "Ed."

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