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    Quote Originally Posted by helen View Post
    You can always sign up for YouTube and transfer your videos that way.
    well, it's actually my dad's Flip (not mine) I'm just trying to help him and my mom. I've mentioned YouTube to them, but i think they'd be more comfortable with just sending emails...

    I have a YouTube account with videos taken with my regular camera mostly of my doggies!

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    Checking on Pure Digital's website for their product specifications now yields a 4 Gbyte Flip Ultra that can store up to 120 minutes of video for $149. I suspect that these units still don't have removeable memory cards but for me it seems that not much of an issue since my usage of the Flip Ultra is a backup camera that takes video and so far in the time I have used it I never really hit the full 60 minutes of recording time.

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    $150 is a good price. Usually $20 higher, on sale.

    YIKES, I didn't see the Best Buy price mentioned. I'm shocked. They had it for $170 a month ago.
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    Kodak's coming out with some great HD video point and shoot cameras with fast YouTube upload capabilities and comparably priced to Flip. I'm thinking of getting one of those eventually.
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