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Thread: Ready To Move, Where Should I Rent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ploal5333 View Post
    You should have clarified yourself and said 'Lakeside complex', not 'Lakeside buildings'. Buildings could be many different condos in the Lakeside area.

    And who cares what the rougher circles are referring to when they say 'Lakeside'? Most normal good folks think of Lakeside as being the good side of Salt Lake. We don't associate with rough folks.
    Who cares?! Perhaps the author of this thread!

    As I said in my previous post, I'd rather give both FACTS.

    Sorry to hear that you don't associate with rough folks, it's the reason I joined HT!
    "Be god to each other."

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    You can also try this place. The Plumeria ( ) . We have a guy at work who stayed here a few months ago. He said he paid $218 a week for a room that included air conditioning and was furnished. Shared kitchen and bathroom. Only about 5 blocks or so north of Ala Moana center.
    Is this a fairly safe area for a single lady to be in? This doesn't look too bad, I think I'll call them and get some info. I now have a tentative arrival of Sept. 5th, but I'm still working on the details.

    I may even get the opportunity for an interview! My resume is in the right hands for the possibility.

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    I live in the Makiki area. I sometimes come home after dark & have to walk about 2 blocks from the bus stop. I feel safe - as in I'm not going to get pulled into the bushes & attacked. How exactly do you define "safe"? I know for myself, I feel much safer here than I would just about anyplace on the continent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palolo Joe View Post
    "Most people" should know that, technically, the ENTIRE island of Oahu is part of the City and County of Honolulu.
    PJ, you are like the old cantankerous geez who is mostly silent except for those moments you feel compelled to scold someone or otherwise make some sort of irascible exhortation. i love it!

    when you say that the entire island of oahu is part of the C&C of honolulu, did you implicitly mean to point out that the little islands like chinaman's hat or rabbit island or coconut island are the other parts of the C&C as well? correct me if i'm wrong, but none of the other major islands of the hawaiian chain are "part" of the C&C.

    hope says she doesn't want to have a long commute, and by her posts, i think it's clear she wants to live near waikiki. do you think she should consider living on molokai or maui or kauai, which really are "near" the "city and county" of honolulu...except for the water in between, that is?
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