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Thread: Hurricane Flossie

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    yeah yeah yeah...but it was the 2:30am earthquake that woke me up (4.2) that did the trick, imo. And there I was, frowning at my husband, wondering why he was shaking the bed.


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    Well I stayed home today (Wednesday) until noon then took the kids out for lunch at Jack in da Box. We were eating all the frozen leftovers since Monday trying to use up all the perishables before any power outtage.

    Tomorrow I go back to work and see the carnage at the returns counter. Should be interesting especially the excuses.

    One guy tried to return one side of a double french pre-hung door. I asked him where the rest of it was. He said he only needed one side and didn't need the other side. Ummm I don't think so, return the entire jam with the other door and we'll take it back sir and give you a store credit. Another tried to return an Ace door knob. When I told him this wasn't ours, he got all upset and said he bought it here four years ago. Really...that's interesting as the store isn't even three years old yet. Nice!

    I did take back a flashlight from an obviously mentally confused elderly man who bought a flashlight from Ace Hardware (marked ACE). He said he used it for a few weeks and then it stopped working. I put in a new battery and of course it worked, the battery had died. He said he didn't want this flashlight as it didn't work and didn't want to take the chance that after my fix it would fail again.

    I was about to explain the obvious but I stopped when I looked in his eyes and saw this genuinely confused individual and simple logic wasn't gonna solve his problem. I took it back and gave him an "upgraded" model that you plugged into an outlet to recharge it. I told him when the light gets dim to plug it in the outlet to charge it up and it should last him a long time.

    He was so happy and the cashier was shocked. "Why did you do that" she asked me. I told her it wasn't worth the battle and in the end the customer would have won anyway, since I didn't think he was out to scam us as he looked as if he really thought he had a defective flashlight bought from us. No common sense reasoning would have changed his mind. At least he walked out happy and would be a return customer.

    That or he just duped the hell outta me, but that's okay...customer's always right!

    Tomorrow will be an interesting day at the returns counter.

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    Default Re: Hurricane Flossie: Returning Plywood for Windows

    Curious if anyone will actually try to/be able to return plywood with nail holes in them. What will HD do with it? Cut the edges off and sell it as a couple of 2'x4' sheets? Sell the whole sheet as "scrap"?

    Their reason to return it would even more interesting...

    "It didn't match my home's windows".

    "I was going to use it as subflooring, but decided on a different material."

    Or quite honestly, "The hurricane never hit us, so I don't need it".

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    Speaking of the HILO Home Depot...maybe I should put this in the apology thread, but, I've vocally dissed Home Depot in the past on this board.
    That's because my only HD experience were LA stores. The worst customer service EVER....just horrible.

    WAY different than the Hilo store. I've been in there probably 20 times in the last 2 weeks, and everyone was so nice and helpful. EXTRA nice, and EXTRA helpful.

    Somehow, I've managed to not see Craig, but I was always in a hurry.

    So, I have to say, the HILO Home Depot is by far the BEST HD I've ever been in. ALL my experiences have been positive.

    So, whatever the store management is enforcing in there as far as customer service policy is right on.

    Keep up the Aloha Spirit Hilo HD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanguard View Post
    And that's the story of the hurricane.
    The storm the authorities came to blame!
    Quote Originally Posted by ItsGoTime! View Post
    For somethin that it almost done.
    Put in a prison cell, but one time it could-a been
    The wrecker of the world.
    Posts of the week!
    But I'm disturbed! I'm depressed! I'm inadequate! I GOT IT ALL! (George Costanza)

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrivener View Post
    Posts of the week!
    Until Dylan's publishers sue.

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