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Thread: I get to be archived!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SusieMisajon View Post
    Sure. As soon as you tell me why your location states that you live in Palolo, when you really live on the mainland...California, if I'm not mistaken.
    California? Really?

    Tell that to the boys in Palolo Housing, which is just a few blocks from my family's home.

    What a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palolo Joe View Post
    But I disagree when others want to classify it as HAWAII PRINT MEDIA. It's not.
    *Yawn*. OK, so maybe this isn't the right section. (Then again, maybe it is.) It seems close enough. What's the big furry deal? Why is it a battle worth fighting?

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    Originally posted by Karen:
    "Do you dare even ask that of anyone wearing a red, Kau Inoa shirt?"

    Just for the record, Kau Inoa shirts are black.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palolo Joe View Post
    I never said I got to decide where his crap goes. But I do get to decide to voice my opinion. And I'll continue to do that until the admin here decides he doesn't want me around.
    As this is easily the tenth time I've been invited to make this determination, I guess I shall.

    As with most of these pissing matches among the usual suspects, I'm disappointed with just about everyone. But some petty provocateurs are more reliably involved than others. I'm all for lively debate, but some headaches aren't worth it.
    Your opinion of my posts, to me, doesn't mean d*ck.
    I would submit that conviction in your beliefs is important, but if you think how your words affect others within a community is irrelevant to the management of, and survival of, said community, you're sadly mistaken.

    Palolo Joe, thanks for your substantial contributions to date. However, you have received more final warnings than any other members on the board, but seem unwilling to moderate your behavior. It's clear HawaiiThreads is not a good match for your considerable talents and passions, and you are not welcome here any longer.

    To everyone else, mahalo for your continued participation in and support of HawaiiThreads. As is quite evident, I don't like to ban people, and have done so only twice before. I hope, as in the past, that this difficult decision turns out to be the right one for us, on balance.

    This thread will be closed until Mel and I can make a determination on where it will go, if anywhere. As with past administrative actions, feedback is welcome via Private Message or email, but I would greatly appreciate it if there was no further ridiculousness related to this mess elsewhere on the board. Further gloating, sniping, or pettiness may be deleted without comment. 'Tis done. Move on.

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