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Thread: Pet Peeve of the Day - Chapter 2

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    The hours of my new job. I knew I'd have to work one evening a week, as well as a lot of Saturday hours, but I didn't know I'd also have a couple early morning shifts, too. And while I'm training, EVERY morning is an early one (yawn!)

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    Driving 50 miles home going only about 30mph max most of the way....rush hour....*grrr*

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    Angry Re: Pet Peeve of the Day - Chapter 2

    My "pet peeve" is people who don't repect your place when they come to visit & stay with you in your place !!.

    My aunt came to visit my mom in LVNV, & my aunt still have an old mindset of being spolied. She use to have a maid (many years ago), but no longer does.

    She said that her husband is always mad at her, then she left him, & moved in with a friend, then she complained, saying that her friend is always mad at her.

    The thing is, where ever she was last & whever she was eating or drinking, she doesn't care where it drops.

    And I wonder why people are always mad at her (my aunt) .

    She (my aunt) said that she is too old to change. What ever!!.

    I don't see how hard it is to just respect other people's homes!!.

    We were pretty neat & clean, & we also picked up after ourselves, when we visited my mom in LVNV.

    Thank God, that she is supposidly leaving on Monday.

    When my mom is home, she is always constantly picking up after her own sister. GAWD!!.

    I don't even want to say anything to her 2 sons. (they don't live with her).

    Maybe that's the reasons why they are not with her too. lol.

    I hope non of you have a relative like that.

    I figure, it doesn't matter what you do in your own home, what matters most is to have respect in other people's homes.

    Evidentlt my aunt doesn't know anything about that !!.

    Can't wait till she leaves. Then, my mom will be much happier without her in my mom's place.

    Good riddens!!. Sheeesh!!, Gawd!!,
    Aches & Pains
    (through out our lives) knows no time!!.

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    Thumbs down Re: Pet Peeve of the Day - Chapter 2

    Stupid $#!%&@ Superferry is making me have to cancel my Maui trip!
    ~ This is the strangest life I've ever known ~

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    Default Re: Pet Peeve of the Day - Chapter 2

    I'm so sorry, TG. That really, really sucks. I hope you can at least get your money back. And find people to pawn all that Diet Coke off on.

    My pet peeve is people who don't LISTEN.

    Can't think of anything creative this time

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    Default Re: Pet Peeve of the Day - Chapter 2

    I had to renew the annual registration for my boat. It was a grand total of $15, and was due on March 31. I sent my check two weeks early, payable to DLNR/DOBOR (Dept. of Land and Natural Resources/Dept. Of Boating and Ocean Recreation).
    Apparently the state is desperate to generate more revenue, because they sat on my check for almost two weeks and then on April 2 they returned my $15 check to me along with a letter saying I had missed the deadline and owed a late payment penalty of... fifty cents.
    And yes, it cost them a 42-cent stamp to send me the letter about the 50 cents, so now they're looking at only an 8-cent net profit.
    But wait, there's more!
    They included an envelope for me to send the extra 50 cents... and they put another 42-cent stamp on that! So now they're 34 cents in the red!
    Maybe I should write a letter to Governor Lingle?
    I've decided that since they think I owe them $15.50, I'm going to send them a check for $16... and then demand that they refund 50 cents to me.



    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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    That reminds me of something similar that happened to me last year. I received a 71 check from the Writer's Guild...a foreign reuse payment for a cartoon my dad wrote. Yes...71!!! It cost the WGA 41 to mail it. I had to split the check 4 ways...and pay 41 each to mail 3 paltry checks to the mainland! I never did cash that 71 check. Think I'll frame it instead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LikaNui View Post
    I've decided that since they think I owe them $15.50, I'm going to send them a check for $16... and then demand that they refund 50 cents to me.

    Careful. (As I keep reminding myself) It's not a good idea to get into an argument with an idiot. Especially an idiot with power.

    But what would be fun .... Send in the check for $16. When they respond you tell them that you run your business the same way the Feds do on the tax form - round every thing to the nearest dollar. Then offer to connect them to your accountant - know anyone that can do a convincing Indian accent?

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