Despite my screen name, I am not much of a surfer...though I am able (or was at one time, back in the day) to control a longboard with some ability. The screen name surfingfarmboy was what some local rippers on the North Shore of O'ahu called me one day when they saw me carrying a board offshore at Pupukea, while I was clad in my bib overalls. ("Hang ten, Surfingfarmboy"!) The complete story is in the "How Did You Get Your Screen Name" thread.

I would have to say that I do not have a separate persona while I reply to threads on HT. What some HT'ers may envision me (if anyone does here on HT) probably parallels the actual real-life me. The "hick" farmboy in me, at least in my opinion, seems to be evident in some of my posts, when I go back and read them. Generally, in the same way I live my real life, I'm one to avoid online controversy whenever possible...I've seldom been one to opine on hot-button topics. I steer clear of them as if I state my opinion on a touchy subject, someone will always find a reason to refute it, in turn, necessitating a defense of it. And I dislike that. I've never been one who enjoys debates for the sake of debates. Perhaps my somewhat modest post count, despite being a member of Hawaii Threads since February 2005, (in comparison to the post counts of other long-time HT'ers) is testament to this.

In summery, I'm just a farmboy more at home and at ease while on a John Deere, working a field, than anywhere else. I feel this can be deduced from my posts. Conversely though, I do wish at times that I could be a bit more outgoing and able to add to the conversations of the day. Being an old farmboy from a remote area of Ka'u, (where when I was growing up I thought that Hilo was just an incredible metropolis!), I guess I haven't learned how to be really sociable and at ease with others, in the real world or an online community, such as Hawaii Threads. This seems to be a common trait among us sodbusters.

I will say that in the time I've been a member of Hawaii Threads, I've been fortunate to meet many other fellow members; the list (though not complete) being headlined by pzarquon, (and his wife Kilinahe), tutusue, 1stwahine, zztype, tim kona, Gecko Geek...and above all, HT's one and only Scrivener. (Perhaps one day I'll meet up with East Coast Tropics and akrauth here on the EC) I have a feeling that at least one member of this list will refute what I perceive myself as and say that I'm just the opposite. It's bound to happen. After all, this is Hawaii Threads!