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Thread: Navy beat Notre Dame 46-44

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    Default Navy beat Notre Dame 46-44

    After 43 years, my long, long nightmare has ended. Being a Navy vet and not an Irish fan, this has been so tough to take.

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    Default Re: Navy beat Notre Dame 46-44

    Several men in my clan are proud alumni from the hallowed halls of Annapolis. Navy Football controls this house at least twice a year for the ND and Army games.

    How wonderful that a local boy from Kapolei was able to help lead his team to an incredible victory! Who cares if his name's an announcer's nightmare?
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    Default Re: Navy beat Notre Dame 46-44

    Geez, I remember when ND's front four nearly outweighed the entire Navy defensive line. I haven't been waiting 43 years but it's been long enough, and I bet Roger Staubach is smiling today.

    Is there a bowl game this year for beating ND, or are too many teams already in that club?

    Our kid is thinking about going ROTC there. This should give her an interesting conflict to chew over...

    I wonder if Navy's QB is thinking about going Supply Corps for a couple years and then trying out for the pros.
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