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    I thought I'd see if anyone here can recommend a good jewelry craftsman who can work with some existing materials (gem stones and precious metal) to create something unique. Some new material will also be required. I've checked at a couple of places, but didn't feel exactly confident. As always, any response is much appreciated.

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    Try Karla Brom Proud 722-4934 - she is the former owner of Rainbow Collection in Ala Moana, I've got lots of her pieces and she does an amazing job, she also has won many national awards.

    You might also want to ask Brenda Reichl of Carats & Carats.

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    you could also try Eric Gold dba Gold's Originals. He does beautiful work. His office/workspace is at 1111 Bishop St., Suite 513. He will be in that space until 01/31. I've seen some of his pieces and they are beautiful & he does do custom work.

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    I was also looking for some interesting design for jewelry for a long time, and so I scoured the entire Internet and asked on the forums in search of an answer, and finally I came across a site where I found a huge number of wonderful products that impress with their quality and the most important design decision. Each product is like a separate work of art and that is why I took a couple of interesting products from them and after that did not regret it.


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