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Thread: Stupid tattoos...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaonohi View Post
    Dredging up an old thread....

    First: I'd like to know, Bobinator, where in the bible it says tattoos are forbidden, and to whom? OT Jews or NT Christians or BM Mormons? Which Bible?

    Next: Tattoos are only one form of permanent appearance modification, don't forget plastic surgery.
    I did wonder if the Bible addressed tattooing. So here goes.

    First off, the quotation used from the OT of the Bible:

    Leviticus 19:28
    "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh on account of the dead or tattoo any marks upon you; I am the Lord."

    Okay, now read this article that goes more in depth about the subject, and puts the verse itself into historical context. Now as to who it addresses, after reading the article it doesn't really matter.

    Here's an interesting verse (off topic) a few lines earlier:

    Leviticus 19:17-18
    "You shall not hate your brother in your heart, but you shall reason with your shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord."

    There's lots of interesting verses in those chapters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyleet99 View Post
    I did wonder if the Bible addressed tattooing. So here goes.
    Thanks for doing that research, it is an interesting posting!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyleet99 View Post
    I did wonder if the Bible addressed tattooing. So here goes.
    Very good, cyleet. When someone says "The Bible" it's always good to know which one they are talking about, and why.

    I'd make a poor Jew: I have tattoos, I cut my sideburns, eat raw sashimi, etc., but I think I could be a good Christian - even with tattoos.


    Was Elvis Presley a Jew? LOOK at those sideburns!

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    I asked a catholic priest before i got mine. He asked me what I wanted to get. I told him. He said go for it.

    Course, I just spent money to start the ball rolling on a new Filipino tattoo revival art. Going tribal and deep into my ancestry.

    Cool enough... I'm getting the work done in HI the last week of October.

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    if you get a tatt, you should "definately" use spell check because a "mispeled" tattoo is a "comidy" of "tradgic" "praportions:"

    slideshow of very stupid tattoos from huffpo.
    superbia (pride), avaritia (greed), luxuria (lust), invidia (envy), gula (gluttony), ira (wrath) & acedia (sloth)--the seven deadly sins.

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