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Thread: Bicycle riders in town

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    Couple of years ago, I was driving out of my condo’s garage, which has a radio-controlled gate. Another car in front of me was waiting for traffic to clear before it pulled out onto the street. I eased out behind him (before the gate came down). I eased out slowly, as I always do, because I simply cannot see pedestrian traffic on my left and right before I exit the garage onto the sidewalk. Just as the front of my car eased out onto the sidewalk, a young woman on a bicycle zigzagged and screeched to a halt in front of my car; she had to use her feet to stabilize her bike. She had scooted out behind the car that had just been in front of me.

    Here’s the kicker: she had a little baby strapped onto her bike. I felt terrible as I stared into her terrified eyes, because this might be been a horrible accident. But on later reflection, it was as much her fault as mine (maybe I should have eased out much, much slower, which I now do just in case).

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    Something that's healthy for you. Oh, that won't last.

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