If you're the kind of geek that can't get enough bells and whistles, you just might be happy to learn that HawaiiThreads.com now publishes RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") feeds that can allow you to track the threads on the site from afar. If you're not familiar with RSS, you could read up on what RSS is, but basically, it's a special format made available by HawaiiThreads.com that can be read in your mail client, via your favorite web portal, on your PDA... basically anywhere an RSS reader can run.

Many, many sites publish RSS feeds, from Slashdot to the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. So if you haven't played with it, you should. It's the easiest way to track the latest stuff on your favorite sites without having to visit all of them. (Although of couse we hope you'll still visit HawaiiThreads.com, if only to bask in the warm CRT glow of our plumeria flower!)

Where do you find the RSS feeds for HawaiiThreads.com? Just look for the "[RSS]" link at the top of the specific subfora you want to track (like Kaukau Corner or Introductions), and enter the link in your RSS reader of choice. To read syndicated news in Microsoft Outlook (so it looks like work... I mean, like e-mail), try Newsgator. To read feeds on the web, try NewsIsFree. You can even add RSS headlines to your My Yahoo! page!

I hope to soon be able to publish an RSS feed for the whole HawaiiThreads.com site. But frankly, if things pick up 'round here, you might just want to follow the topics that interest you most anyway.