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Thread: "House" on Fox

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    I revealed a show spoiler. What's the penalty for that? Is there a being banned time period?

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    No you didn't. For one thing it's a matter of timing. The episode aired on Monday. You posted your reply on Friday, 4 days after the fact. Now if you posted your reply before the episode aired then it would be a spoiler.

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    Did House tongue kiss Dr. Cuddy after he was vomiting? Do writers or editors overlook timeline continuity?

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    I think they took some liberties with time in last nite's ep. It appeared as though the de-tox took just overnight, but that's hard to believe.

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    Did Hugh Laurie win an Emmy for lead actor in a series yet?

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    Have you seen the promotional video clip where they recreated the medical Caduceus symbol with actor Hugh Laurie and two boa constrictors?

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