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    Quote Originally Posted by Pua'i Mana'o View Post
    I believe that the day will come when AA will tweak from race to socio-economic/classist need. As long as this country chooses to maintain its advanced and enlightened self, there will remain the advocacy for, and application of that adage that a rising tide raises all boats. The day we choose otherwise is when we begin to turn into a Southeast Asian country (no personal income taxes! no welfare! Orphanages&shit are privately funded! Be all the merchant you can be, and your government is bare bones, with the exception of a sound military regime! Its a libertarian's wet dream!)
    I agree with your sentiments and wonder if we are at the point where we can look at shifting to the socio-economic model rather than a race model.

    One question though, what SE Asian country/ies are you referring to as "a libertarian's wet dream!"?

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    those points are the biggies of the "anti-nanny-state folk", but these are the practices of SEA countries such as Myanmar, Bangladesh, Laos (although countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand do charge personal and corporate taxes, though no real social welfare programs). My point being that nobody *likes* paying taxes, but countries with complex tax systems offer their populaces amenities and comforts conducive to a civilized society.

    As for the former question of "are we there yet" wrt AA, I am really hopeful that we are on our way. I am very grateful for the lily pads that were put in place to help me find my way across the pond, and to be completely frank, I consider those pads put there for the generations before me, allowing me to even be born above mud-level…taxes paid to bring roads and infrastructures into places that allowed my forefolks the opportunities to eek out their livelihoods (while truly considering themselves "self-made"…as if these elements don't factor into the overall picture). AA is just another cog in the greater machine that makes the GDP.


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