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Thread: Where to get fresh fish?

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    Default Where to get fresh fish?

    I am seeming recommendations for good places to buy fresh fish. When I stayed in Kailua last July I asked around for a nice fish market and everyone told me to go to the supermarket. I was amazed there wasn't a nice fish market anywhere.

    I am assuming fresh fish should be easy to find on an island, right?

    Maybe not I know you can't really find good oranges in Florida because they export all the good stuff. Perhaps it's the same with fish on the islands.

    Any good tips?

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    Default Re: Where to get fresh fish ?

    Oahu Market in Chinatown, corner of King and Kekaulike.

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    Tamashiro's Market on No. King St. in Honolulu...

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    Thanks for the tips. Looking forward to trying them soon.

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    The ocean is an excellent place for fresh fish. Last week we got 3 onos. Yesterday my buddy got about 8 ahis and several mahis, with a couple akus thrown in for good measure. Fish are practically jumpin in the boat right now.

    The best way to get yourself onto a boat is by going to the harbor. Both yacht clubs are full of boat owners who can never find friends with the time or inclination to go fishing. Give it a shot.
    Energy answers are already here.

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    Lots of folks fish on the beach here in Waialua, but to be honest I have never seen anyone who caught anything or carried fish off the beach. There's fish in the supermarkets, and on Saturdays I see ladies carrying large fish away from the sugar mill/farmer's market. I haven't quite figured out if they are buying it from the back of a truck or in a store in the mill area. That will be my job for the next Saturday I go.

    I just have trouble buying large colorful whole tropical fish to take home and eat. Guess I need to get over it.

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    I second the Tamashiro market recommendation.

    If you get it from Chinatown check to make sure the eyes are clear and not cloudy. And be careful if you buy mullet. Some might not be locally caught and not as good.

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