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Thread: All I want for Mother's Day is OYSTERS!

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    Default All I want for Mother's Day is OYSTERS!

    Preferably ALL YOU CAN EAT oysters!

    So, I've been reading the buffet threads with interest but need to know which buffets have oysters coz that is a dealbreaker for me.

    I've tried: Todai, Makino Chaya, Tsukiji, Chans and a few others but the only one I've tried that had oysters was the one at Hilton Hawaiian Village's Rainbow Lanai - it was Valentine's Day last year so maybe they only have them for special occasions? Oh, the Oceanarium has oysters too (my fave of all the buffets I've tried here - they win because they have oysters!)

    C'mon buffet lovers - let me know where you've seen oysters so I can start calling around to see if they will be on the menu this Mother's Day and try to make a reservation.
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    Default Re: All I want for Mother's Day is OYSTERS!

    John Dominis' Sunday brunch is already fully booked. But you might want to still consider them for lunch or dinner. Their oyster bar offers six mouthwatering varieties of oysters. At $12/half dozen, you could get 24 oysters for less than the price of the Mother's Day brunch at the Rainbow Room. Just a thought.

    Menu here.
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