I thought this subject had been covered but I didn't find anything! So, here goes!

My car takes premium gas. Yesterday's fill up will be the last for under $4./gal. for awhile, I'm afraid. The price was $3.99.9 at Lex Brodies.

Brodie's has reconfigured their pricing and lane set-up on Queen St. IIRC, the choices are now "cash/self serve", "cash/mini serve" and "credit card/mini serve". It used to be either cash or credit and always mini-serve, all lanes. A couple of lanes are now assigned for each of those price points. After patronizing that gas station for 13 years I didn't even notice the overhead signs so ended up in the wrong lane which was discovered after my fill up! There was supposed to be an attendant at the entry driveway directing customers to the appropriate lane but attendant didn't bother to do that!

I think Costco's station is still the least expensive with Brodie's in 2nd place. Are there any other Oahu stations that are trying to stay under $4/gal.? At the risk of redundancy, my price reference is for premium. Come to think of it, has any station on Oahu hit $4. or more/gal. for regular unleaded?

When will this madness end?!