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How much does a can of soda from a machine cost, these days?
A 12 ounce can from the vending machines located at Honolulu Community College sells for 75 cents. I tend to buy from the vending machine that sells 20 ounce bottled soda for $1.40. These machines and our bookstore sells Pepsi products while our cafeteria sells Coke products. For a while the cafeteria was selling their bottles at $1.30 but only recently raised the price to $1.40.

20 ounce cup of soda from Costco cost 55 cents, while a 32 ounce cup of soda from Sam's Club is around the $1 range.

Cups of soda from the various fast food places runs around the $1 to just under $2 depending on the size and the vendor.

Getting a cup of soda from a movie theater usually is in the range of $2.50 to $3.50.