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Thread: Places that show 'Art' films

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim75 View Post
    Is there a theatre on Oahu that shows 'Art' films, foriegn films, and such?
    According to June 10, 2008 edition of the Honolulu Star Bulletin the new owners of Consolidated Theatres are going to use 3 of the 8 Kahala screens for these type of movies.

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    The theaters at Dole occasionally play art/foreign flicks.

    The main sources in town, though:

    Doris Duke Theater

    Movie Museum

    There's also Garage Cinema at rRed Elephant on Tuesdays, where they play a different offbeat film every week

    As well, UH's Cinema Series

    Showdown in Chinatown

    And of course, HIFF, twice a year:
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    Awsome!!! Lots of places to get my film fix. Right now it's 40 miles to get to a theatre. I love mainstream movies too, but there's so much other amazing stuff out there that many people never see. It'll be a real luxury. Thanks for posting these places Helen and Chaos.

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    I never knew those places existed. Woohoo AbsolutChaos!
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    There's also the Rainbow Film Fest once a year (though it's already done for this year)...

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