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Thread: The Children of Huang Shi (a great movie)

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    Just went to ck out the matinee of Children of Shang Hui (or something like that..forgive me!) the matinee runs only at 1115am and got to get there early cuz ALOT of folks actually see this movie despite it being shown for the past 3 weeks at Kahala. I seen the preview which got me interested in it...I saw THE HAPPENING last week.. and it sucked. This C of SH is by far one super great movie! Watch out for effects of war casualties, blood and 1 pretty short x scene which if you follow the movie from the beginning, you will know he would be hot for her anyway. At close to the ending parts, there is sadness and if you are like me (soft heart), you will view it and you may start to jerk a tear....but no worry about dat cuz you ONLY HUMAN and get heart EVEN THOU its ONLY a TRUE STORY created in a movie.

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    I am confused, if this as you say is a great movie why the sad face icon on the start of the note?

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    Hi Helen, maybe I used the wrong icon...mistake! but before Kahala plex changes the movies (hope it goes to Hollywood $1) must go see it...cuz it shows the struggles of early china in wartime, but emphasizes on the war with Japan and China. How orphaned kids learned about the meaning of life and goals. I would highly suggest maybe young ones (not babies) and teenagers go see it too...thats how GOOD IT IS!!! The ending part was sad...made me jerk a tear in my eyes...was shame to go out after the movie pau..had to rinse and refresh my face....bumbye everybody give me wierd look....ah!! look...the buggah stay crying :-(...


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