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Thread: Imu alternative - haole style

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    Default Imu alternative - haole style

    Just in case you want to make a small and permanent ground cooker without the work involved in imu's -
    Or, the Bobby Flay way - But you have to wait about 4 mins. thru the video before they get to the 'meat' of the matter.

    BTW, anyone use a Samoan/Tongan umu? It's a simpler style of imu and works great for smaller batches.
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    Default Re: Imu alternative - haole style

    Interesting system you employed there using two old washing machine spinner baskets. Looks like something Alton Brown would think of. I can just see the scenario when you tested this theory of yours out: Ron's wife yelling angrily, "Honey, why is there a suckling pig in our washing machine?!" lol

    You should try figure out a way to make the basket with the meat in it SPIN; like use some kind of belt-driven motor system. Then you can truly call it "Huli Huli Kalua Pig"!

    I seen that episode where Bobby Flay featured the Cuban/China Roaster. It's interesting how the coals go OVER the oven, and not under it. Seems to not make sense, but hey, it works!

    I've done Kalua Pig in a Weber Grill...

    Liquid smoke need not apply. Strictly Kiawe wood for da' smoke flavah.

    Must say, it came out pretty darned ono.

    Imagine going to a Luau and they serve you "Weber Pig". lol
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    Default Re: Imu alternative - haole style

    A pig pickin' in SC happens in a pit. Here's a description from a local webpage:

    Not quite the same, but the pig is just wonderful. I personally don't like much sauce; pork fat is the best sauce there is.

    Now i need some slaw!

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    Default Re: Imu alternative - haole style

    now where was this information about the imu alternative when those guys decided to take the river rocks from maui? they claim that they were going to use it for their church's imu. auwe! guess they're not part of the ht family?!
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