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    I loved the latest episode, until they left Hiro stranded again.

    The scene with his mother was cool, though! I hope he can regain his powers.

    If he doesn't, Hiro's visit to the future in the beginning of the season makes sense. Ando is on his way to getting a synthetic ability. Hiro may not regain his ability if Arthur is dead permanently. Perhaps he is the one who holds onto the formula in the hope that they can come up with a way to create a time travel formula for him. And in that case Ando may end up in the camp of getting rid of the formula at some point.

    I watched the next episode preview a couple of times (the one they show right after the episode's closing credits), and I'm pretty sure I saw Hiro in a kitchen, dodging an assailant who appeared to be holding a Japanese sword.

    The precog guy in Africa told Hiro he relied on his powers too much. I guess this was in the works!
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