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Thread: Lanipo Nightmare Hike

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    I realize there is a very cool cache to find Friday night, but if anyone wants to hike up Lanipo on the 31st with DK and myself, drop us a note. Yup, that's a Friday.


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    Good to hear that someone else is going up the trail. It is a real test and take provisions. I went up there last October 16th. Almost a 1 yr anniversary. I smashed my big toe nail on the hike. Evidence is all but gone. It killed the nail and had to regrow... a little reminder of my final ridge hike. Take the extra 40 minutes and make to the summit. So worth it. Enjoy...
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    DK and I are going to have to cancel our hike this year. Home improvement projects are taking precidence. Bummer, but we'll tackle this mountain yet!



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