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    Need a pretty big parking space.
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    According to the M400 Specifications it has a range of 750 miles and a cruise speed of 305 mph.

    This thing could fly with in the state with no problem.

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    Where's his dog Elroy, and Jane his wife?

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    I seriously remember seeing stuff on this like 10years ago. He has never been able to "fly" it, due to insurance reasons, and can not get a license for it. The only "flight" was tethered to a crane...I wish we had things like this, but imagine the people that can barley drive on the surface, flying through the air...

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    Only the rich get helicopters, flying cars, and private planes. Our government doesn't want or trust the average 9-5 Joe to be able to fly. You can't trust him because he ain't rich and rich = good, reliable person in their opinion.


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