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Thread: Worst Movies of 2008?

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    Default Worst Movies of 2008?

    From the list I personally seen......

    #10 was ok but not a strong one overall for the Grey's Anatomy Star

    #9, the trailer does tell you an incident that happens from the perspectives of the characters seen in the trailer. The constant goin backwards was annoying but did serve a purpose somehow.......I think. But anyways I kept in tune somehow and the guilty parties are eventually revealed.

    The only memorable scene is where Adam Baldwin makes a quickie cameo that was similar and waaaay better versus this unforgettable flick.

    I hated it, and the 2 leads just did not gel. The humor IMO just falls flat big time. At least the spinoff STV was slightly funnier.


    Was not that bad though others similar like Silence of The Lambs goes circles around this movie.

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    Default Re: Worst Movies of 2008?

    Thank goodness I haven't spent a single dime on any of those turkeys.

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    Default Re: Worst Movies of 2008?

    Any movie with Paris Hilton that wasn't a sex tape.

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    Default Re: Worst Movies of 2008?

    From that list I have seen Vantage Point (#9), Drillbit Taylor (#8) and Get Smart (#7).

    I don't think those three movies were that bad.

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    Default Re: Worst Movies of 2008?

    OMG! I can not believe that SF list left off "Tropic Thunder!" My cuz works at Dreamworks, so while, like Mel, I didn't have to spend $$$ to see it, I still felt like I wanted a refund... of my time. We popped that DVD in, all excited, as we like some of the actors, then we just stared in disbelief as the film kept getting lamer and lamer..... Auwe! The pain of watching it; still clinging to the belief that there had to be some little hint of redeeming value to it, my only enjoyment was that I was the one who guessed the filming location correctly.

    Tropic Thunder= da bomb..... da STINK bomb. Phew!

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    Default Re: Worst Movies of 2008?

    I'd second that opinion of TT. I thought it had potential at first, but just got sucked into watching one of the year's worst - at least it was a 'freebie' rental from Diamondhead vids.
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    Default Re: Worst Movies of 2008?

    Worse of list(Only because I expected more from them)
    The Love Guru
    You Dnn't Mess With the Zohan
    10,000 BC
    Listen to KEITH AND THE GIRL

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    Mum & Dad handsfuggingdown.


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    Default Re: Worst Movies of 2008?

    OK - I'm gonna say it... I LIKED Australia!

    This year's worst movie for me was Eddie Murphy's 'Meet Dave!' I rented it for my kid and ended up seeing bits and pieces of it... What was he thinking?
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    I saw one on that list, RockNRolla. Man that movie sucked!! The plot was all over the place and none of it made any stinking sense!

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    I rather liked "Vantage Point"!

    I'll miss the Chronicle.
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