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Thread: "Lost" - Season 5: Episode & Storyline Discussion

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    I read your last blog. The bomb that goes off isn't a hydrogen bomb, it's only the 'core', a conventional bomb designed to implode the radioactive segments, thereby setting off the fission bomb, which subsequently sets off the fusion (hydrogen) bomb.

    I believe the best way to end this show will be to reset the loop into an endless cycle of repetition. Then you can all just keep watching the same series over and over, hoping for a different result someday - isn't that the essence of our TV civilization (reruns are forever)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pzarquon View Post
    The key question is, what are Ilana and friends up to, and who do they work for?
    Quote Originally Posted by helen View Post
    The people who took Miles in the van in the flashback who do they represent? Ben's people? Widmore's people? Another group unheard of (maybe they belong to 2nd season Nathan who Goodwin killed) yet?
    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Ogata View Post
    Well, they can't be Widmore's people. They don't want Miles working for Widmore.

    Might they be Ben's people? The guy from the van is now one of the Bounty Huntress's men with guns on the island. But they don't seem to be on Ben's side.
    Was watching the 5th season DVD this week and while it does not answer the question who Ilana and Bram work for, it does reinforce the idea that the Others on the island have a support group in the outside world. Perhaps this support group was being changed or under attack during the time that Oceanic 815 crashed, because it was during that time Ben started to cut off outside ties to the island.

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