The trip to Maui is coming up in a few days. I am stoked, of course. There is so much to love about Hawai'i--the warm weather, the warm seas, the incredible natural beauty. There was some beautiful quote from Mark Twain about his visit, about the fragrance from flowers he'd smelled 25 years before still living in his mind. What an interesting read his memoir of Hawaii was.

In his age it was a major adventure to hop a steamer and sail for 2 weeks from San Francisco, which was not exaclty easy to reach back then, either! He was so thoughtful to point out exactly where to rent your horses. And today we hop a jet and we are bathed in those warm, moist, trade winds and the fragrance of those flowers in only a few hours. I know woman who refuses to swim in California, even when the water here reaches into the 70's, which it does for a couple of months each summer. She will only swim in Hawai'i. And she and the hub do fly over on the spur of the moment for a weekend with friends. Flying back from Kona once I talked with a woman who was returning to NYC in the dead of winter: what an incredible contrast. From the lovely warm breezes of Kona to...the clatter, roar, and freezing filth of the subways!

I love the intense colors in Hawai'i. I don't know if its the steeper angle of the sun or the clean air, but the colors are so vibrant there. The green of the plants, the blackness of the cliffs, the intense beautiful blue of the sea and of the sky, and the whiteness of the ehukai. Colors are pretty washed out here, green is gray, brown is grayish, blue is pale blue gray. You don't have to fight the weather much here, but you get to bask in it there. Mostly. Of course you can hit gigantic spells of rain but for a desert dweller like me rain is always a treat--they thought I was crazy when I lived in Oregon because I loved it so much.

I wish things could have been done better between the haoles and the Hawaiians. It is incredibly nice to experience aloha. I love the music, the hula, the language. There are vistas so beautiful there that...they make me get teary eyed. No lie. The view of the uncompromising greenness of Haleakala rising up up up into the clouds, the blue sea crashing on the black lava rock headlands throwing pure white ehukai into the air. The massiveness of Mauna Loa. The beauty of Kaneohe Bay, the cliffs of Kalalau. It always seemed like God kind of put on a show with Hawai'i. "Oh yes, the world is a wonderful miracle, life, birth, and I have given you the Grand Canyon and the Himalayas and the Redwoods, but now I am going to show what I can REALLY do!", and then He made Hawai'i.