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    Charles Barkley says he is no ROLE MODEL. Gee, no fooling!
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    can you say LOSAH !!!!!!
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    Timing is everything. Charles Barkley is lucky this happened when all the tv comedians are on vacation during the holidays.
    At least he didn't blow his money on gambling.
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    Mrs. Barkley must be thrilled to hear this woman's first "encounter" with him was the best he's ever had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walkoff Balk View Post
    At least he didn't blow his money on gambling.
    Interesting choice of words there. Frankly, I couldn't access the article/video/whateverwuzs’pposedtabethere, and skipped over to this Fox News report. I found it more hilarious of the promise Barkley made to the civilian police employee.

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