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    Saw the movie Angels & Demons at the Ward Theater today with Albert.

    I never read the book so I can't say if the movie faithfully follows the novel or not. Also you don't need to watch The Da Vinci Code movie first since the events of that movie don't factor into this one.

    The movie was kind of decent to watch, noticed a number of actors I recongized but couldn't remember their names.

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    I read a few chapters of the book and had to stop; I wasn't going to suffer through the whole book like I did for the Da Vinci Code. Dan Brown is an atrocious writer, IMO. The stories themselves were actually quite interesting and I wouldn't mind watching this movie.
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    It was amusing in the evening after seeing the film in the morning that the Discovery Channel showed an hour program pointing out all the factual errors in the film .... like two of the angel statues are actually pointing in a different direction than Brown said they are.

    Sheez. Brown never claimed it was history.

    A well-done movie of a so-so book. I'm not really a Brown fan, although I read both this and the Code. He is certainly well served by the film industry.

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