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Thread: 2008 Golden Raspberry Awards

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    Default 2008 Golden Raspberry Awards

    Here's this year's worst
    Disaster Movie


    Meet The Spartans

    (Two Movies — One Berry Badly Beaten Dead Horse of a Concept!)

    Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox

    The Happening

    20th Century-Fox

    The Hottie and The Nottie

    Regent Releasing/Purple Pictures

    In The Name of The King:
    A Dungeon Siege Tale

    Boll Kg/Brightlight Pictures

    The Love Guru

    Did anyone actually see The Hottie and The Nottie? I afraid to admit I actually saw 4 of the 6 and I liked The Happening

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    Default Re: 2008 Golden Raspberry Awards

    I liked The Happening too. The scene where the group of people were shooting themselves while the other group was on the other side of the hill and had no idea what to do or how to help they listened to the gun go off repeatedly. Very Intense.

    I saw Meet The Spartans, but I really have to be in the mood for stupid humor. I wasn't in the mood when I saw this. Same with Disaster Movie.

    Didn't see the others.

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    Default Re: 2008 Golden Raspberry Awards

    Quote Originally Posted by alohabear View Post
    Here's this year's worst
    Did anyone actually see The Hottie and The Nottie?
    I just saw a clip with Paris Hilton on a movie review program. She had that tilt head pose even in an acting scene. This looked like a direct to Cinemax soft core after hours movie.

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    Default Re: 2008 Golden Raspberry Awards

    "Disaster Movie" was indeed a Diasaster while I was watching it, if they stuck to a theme and not slapping every imaginable movie genre it could have worked and goes the same for "Meet The Spartans"......

    "The Happening" just turned into WHAT HAPPENED here?!? It had a thrilling aspect but fizzled out too quickly in the last half.

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