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Thread: Your favorite candies

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    Which way did he go?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_Lowery View Post

    He went thataway!

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    Wink Re: Your favorite candies

    Quote Originally Posted by matapule View Post
    But this original post is like the guest you invite to Thanksgiving Dinner and belches, you just have to ignore it and change the subject.
    And we're all getting pretty good at it too!
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    Wink Re: Your favorite candies

    Ha ha ha ha! Too funny, Mike.

    OOOH Candy! That got my attention. Now we're talkin'.

    Well, this has to be the top three for me: choco covered macadamia nuts, Almond Joy, and Hershey Bar with almonds.... an obvious theme here is chocolate with nuts. YUM!

    Leo is right; they have changed the formulation of all my old favorite candies.

    One of the most perfect foods ever created (all the food groups!), Hostess Snow Balls... that recipe has really gone downhill, especially the coconut marshmallowy outer coating. Ah, but I digress.

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    HA! I bought a friend of mine some, uh, gummy "lighthouses" for her bachelorette party. Only they were NOT lighthouses. She ended up tossing them in a box under her bed, only to have her (much) younger sister find them and start chowing down on them a few weeks later. She was too young to know what they were, but we were laughing so hard, we were crying. And we had to tell her she could only eat them in my friend's room!

    I like 3 Musketeer's, Milky Ways, Peanut Butter Cups, and every once in a while, M&M's. Ooh, and those Hershey Kisses Truffles. Some of the flavors are pretty ono.

    PS- I especially like the red lighthouse on the package in the picture. He's very proud of himself, isn't he?
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    Talking Re: Your favorite candies

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_Lowery View Post
    Gummy lighthouses are grrrreat

    I am sorry , I had to do a double take on this one .

    I just thought it was one of those really special gummy candies things (when I clicked on this page thread).lol.

    Not to gross you out, or anything, but, you know...

    if you look at this picture from a distance (especially when they are laid down on the side & NOT pointing up), what do you see?. lol.
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    Default Re: Your favorite candies dear heavens oh my

    why...i am just...tickled

    *geisha giggles*

    my favorite candy is baby ruth
    stay forever young

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    You got peanut butter in my peanut butter.

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