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Thread: Poor customer service at restaurants

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    Quote Originally Posted by Composite 2992 View Post
    Gyotaku has pretty good food. But we've had repeated experience of very slow service. Even when it's not that busy. That place is not high on our list.If the service were prompt, then I'd have zero complaints.
    I only ate there twice and I agree very slow! I won't eat there anymore (Pearl City) as waitress was slow to take the order and slow to serve. And for dessert, she only asked one end of the table if anyone wanted dessert. And after that, she had to run my husbands cc again as her first swipe of the card she put the incorrect amount....was off by a penny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cynsaligia View Post

    but because that restaurant tried so hard to rectify a wrong without our asking, eric and i will definitely give them another chance.
    Quote Originally Posted by helen View Post
    I think this might fall under good customer service, rather than poor customer service. They knew of the problem and while they couldn't fix the original problem they tried to least make up for it in other ways.
    i'd agree with that! also, we tipped the server 30% based on what the tab would have been, not what it actually was due to the comps. it doesn't seem fair to us that we penalize her for the kitchen's faults.
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    Red face Re: Poor customer service at restaurants

    I thought resturants were part of the service industry????
    Has it changed?????
    If they still are, shouldn't good service be the norm????

    When I go to a resturant I expect good service, along with good food.
    I don't think their doing me a favor by me eating in their place.
    I believe I'm doing them a favor by giving them money for a service.

    It's funny how people accept poor service as the norm today.
    Kind of sad too.

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