View Poll Results: Which do you most often use: Pali Highway, Likelike Highway or H-3 Freeway?

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  • Pali Highway

    7 19.44%
  • Likelike Highway

    10 27.78%
  • H-3 Freeway

    15 41.67%
  • None of the above. It get around from the North Shore or Makapu'u side

    1 2.78%
  • None of the above. I have a helicopter, hot air baloon or other means

    3 8.33%
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Thread: Pali, Likelike or H-3?

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    Default Pali, Likelike or H-3?

    I was doing some errands in Kaneohe this past week, when driving back to town, I actually stopped and thought for a minute to decide which highway I should take to get back there.

    I didn't have anything to do afterward on the leeward west side, so H-3 was immediately out.

    My destination was back to our office which is near downtown, so then I thought, if I took Likelike, I'd either have to fight traffic on H-1 to get from Kalihi to downtown. Or, take the Kalihi street cutoff and drive down King Street east-bound, dealing with all the traffic lights and construction work along the way in the Palama area. If I wanted to stop somewhere in the area to get lunch (like, oh say Richie's Drive Inn or Kiawe Grill), not a problem, but I already had lunch.

    So it made perfect sense that I take Pali highway, as that's the most direct route to downtown from the windward side...

    Driving on Pali Highway heading into downtown

    Another plus to Pali Highway, is I think it's a better scenic route, as there's great birds-eye view of Kaneohe and Kailua from there on the windward side, as well as nice view of the homes and religious monuments on the town side....

    Driving on Pali highway through Nuuanu

    Here's a quick set of pros and cons to consider with each of these highways:

    Likelike highway
    • Centrally-located in Kaneohe and fastest to get on from there.
    • Most direct route to the airport and Mapunapuna from the windward side
    • Nice view of the Koolau mountains, especiallly when it rains and there's waterfalls!
    • Lower elevation level ideal for those who have fear of heights (especially for the driver)
    • Must get on H-1 in order to get to town or farther east, or:
    • Must drive through urban Kalihi and fight traffic lights and on/or ongoing construction projects
    • Wilson Tunnel is LOOOOONGGGGGG (especially a problem for those who are claustrophobic)
    • No scenic lookouts to stop and take pictures

    Pali Highway
    • Most direct route to downtown Honolulu and farther east from the windward side
    • Most direct route from town to Kailua town
    • Beautiful scenic route, including lookout stops overlooking Kaneohe and Kailua, as well a nice drive through Nuuanu
    • Pali Tunnel (2) is short
    • High elevation and suspended roadway could be a problem for those who fear heights
    • Hairpin turn and windy roadway on windward side can be hazardous if not careful
    • Stop lights on town side of highway as you get closer to town

    H-3 Freeway
    • Most direct route from the windward side to Pearl City, Aiea, Pearl Harbor and the rest of the west side of Oahu
    • Incredible view of Kaneohe Bay from the elevated roadway suspended high above Haiku valley
    • Wider lanes and higher 60 MPH speed limit (it's a freeway)
    • Extremely elevated above sea level roadway could be a problem for those who fear heights
    • Super-looooooooonnnngggggg Tunnel could be a problem for those who are claustrophobic (or tunnel-phobic)
    • Drive on the town side of tunnel through Halawa Valley seems endlessly long

    Which highway through the Koolau mountains from the windward side of Oahu to the leeward side do you most often choose to drive and why?
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