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Thread: Astounding crash in Kaneohe

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    Quote Originally Posted by anapuni808 View Post
    yes, I do drink (see my signature below) but I don't have a car and don't drive. and I've taken a cab home many times to avoid a ride from a "friend" who had also been drinking.
    yay for responsible drinking!
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    Drinking is not a great habit to have but I enjoy my Bacardi & cokes. I'm not putting myself up as a good example of "responsible drinking". Its better not to drink at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anapuni808 View Post
    Maybe the bartender should have stopped serving them - but, they aren't cops and they aren't responsible if a person chooses to drink and drive. Even impaired, we are all still at choice in our own actions.
    No, bartenders aren't cops. And what's more, is the parents' lawsuit what their dead son would have wanted? I recall someone leaving an online comment on one of the newspaper's articles from last year who was acquainted with this young man, stating that he was a frequent patron of the Shack. If this is the case, he was probably friends with the employees there. Would he have wanted his folks to sue the Shack and jeopardize the jobs of his friends working there?

    One would hope that the Cardenas family would carefully think about that for a moment and honestly answer that question for themselves before proceeding with their frivolous lawsuit.

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    Sorry to bring back an old thread-- still very important with all the crashes recently IMHO.

    There was a guy who saw the blue Acura crash and saw the driver come tumbling out...lived in a house overlooking the freeway.

    Supposedly the car hit the guardrail along the freeway and rode along it before landing on the onramp below, still moving toward the gas station and was torn in half by that big, thick metal pole that is right in front of the gas station.

    He said there was a white VW, forget what model, that stopped and then took off. Anyone know what happened after that? I thought HPD was searching for it, but never heard what came of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by oceanpacific View Post
    Anyone remember the accident on the H-1 a number of years ago near Kahala Mall? A 19-year-old careened over the side barrier and landed on the pavement of the Chevron station below. His car, an Acura Integra, broke in half upon impact. The kid was killed. It was alleged, but never proved, that racing was involved. What a tragic waste.

    The demolished vehicle was there for a week or so as a silent monument. One father said that he took his son to see the wreck to impress on him the possible consequences of reckless driving.

    I was shocked to learn that my sister knew the victim's family and that she was asked by his parents to plan the memorial service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zff View Post

    I'm sure, however, that the absence of a race track has caused a substantial number of car enthusiasts to break the laws far more often.
    Totally disagree, the lack of a racetrack didn't CAUSE anyone to do anything.

    Drivers who CHOOSE to drive at dangerous speeds make a conscious decision to break the law.

    No one put a gun to their head and forced them to press the gas pedal harder.

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    * bump *

    Okay, it was a different crash but same general area, so...
    Yesterday I worked 8-1/2 hours during the day then played music for almost 5 hours on the windward shore last night. I left the Crouching Lion around 11pm headed back to Kaneohe and got all the way to Waikane Valley Road and BOOM came upon cops and flares. There'd been a fatal accident about 30 minutes earlier and of course the road was closed in both directions. The cop told me that the investigators hadn't even left the main station downtown yet and that the road would be closed for four to five hours.
    My home is about ten miles past the accident site, so do I wait or do I do the looooong drive around the north shore? I could park the car and walk, but no way was I going to leave my bass and an 86-pound amplifier alone in the car overnight on the side of the road and no way was I going to carry them ten miles. Well, if the road wasn't going to open until at least 3am and I usually get out of bed around 4:30am, I chose to do the drive.
    Clear back up the windward coast, clear across the north shore, down the H-2 to the H-1 to the H-3 and home, 68 miles later and almost exactly an hour and a half later.
    Got home at 1am, and according to that newspaper item that's exactly when they re-opened the road.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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